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Mysterious & Unique Caribbean Attractions You Need to Visit


Trips to the Caribbean are sure to conjure up images of pristine beaches, sunshine, and relaxation, but have you ever considered some of the more unique features of the islands? We’re not talking about the creatures in the ocean, but more of the unexplained creatures that are said to roam the islands.

There are some Caribbean attractions that have fantastic history and lure behind them. If you’re looking for something to entertain you and take you off of the beaten path, here are some attractions you need to check out on your next Caribbean trip.

Rose Hall Great House Haunted Night Tour

A few minutes outside of Montego Bay, on the island of Jamaica, you’ll find the lush resort of Rose Hall. While it’s filled with plenty of daytime activities, it also has surprises to discover at night. The Great House offers nighttime tours that are not to be missed. Legend has it that a famed White Witch met with tragedy centuries ago and her spirit still roams the hallways of the Great House. Join a guided tour where you’ll learn the full story of the white witch if you so dare.

Cinnamon Hill Great House Tour

The Cinnamon Hill Great House was once owned by country music legend, Johnny Cash and his wife June Carter Cash. The tour takes you into their lives years ago at this private estate. There are also stories about ghosts that roamed this house and the experiences the Cash’s had while living there. It’s a great tour for history buffs, pop culture fans or anyone that loves to look at beautiful homes.

The Grenada Underwater Structure Park

You may not expect to find an art museum while snorkeling, but that’s exactly what the Grenada Underwater Structure Park is. All of the sculptures in this park are man-made. Developed to encourage sea life to explore the structures and encourage visitors to the area, the sculptures are doing exactly as intended. You’ll see how the natural elements of constantly moving seawater and sunshine have weathered the structures and created a magnificent piece of art.

The Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit

If you’re a Star Wars fan, you won’t want to miss out on this attraction. One of the creators of the character Yoda has an exhibit in Philipsburg, St. Maarten that is sure to be the highlight of any movie buffs vacation. Nick Maley, famed special effects and make-up artist for over 50 movies (including Star Wars) opened a non-profit museum with his wife in 2011 designed to help children pursue their creative dreams. You will love the memorabilia on display.

Ruins of the Set of The Pirates of the Caribbean

Another great place to visit for movie buffs is the ruins from The Pirates of the Caribbean, located in St. Vincent. You’ll find the remains of the world famous movie franchise in Wallilabou Bay. It is now abandoned, so there are no tours or exhibits, but it’s still fun to roam the island see what you can find. This is the area that the boat arrival scenes were filmed. You can continue on to Black Point, another locale in the film where the Kraken was found. While you’re there, head over to the Tobago Cays and the Horseshoe Reef.

The Caribbean is filled with treasures that you may not have considered that go far beyond their pristine beaches and water. Be sure to look for these hidden gems and many others when you book your next trip.