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A fairytale adventure in the magical streets of Prague

Once upon a time, the Czech capital of Prague was one of Europe’s undisputed hidden gems. After all, Czechoslovakia, as it was then, lay firmly behind the Iron Curtain and was ruled by a communist dictatorship for more than 40 years immediately following World War II. That made it almost impossible for Westerners to visit.

That all changed in 1989 when the Iron Curtain fell, and Central and Eastern Europe turned toward the West. It didn’t take long for travelers to discover that Prague, unlike so many neighboring cities in this part of the world, managed to escape widespread damage during the war, leaving it with a remarkably well-preserved Old Town almost unchanged since the glory days of the Habsburg Empire that once ruled here.

Back then, Prague was also astonishingly cheap. That’s not really the case anymore, as Czechia’s accession to the EU has brought increasing prosperity and, with it, rising prices. But Prague doesn’t need to be a bargain.

Its beautiful architecture, which seems straight from a fairytale, is enough to bring around eight million visitors here every year, making the city one of the most popular with tourists in the world.

Make your way to the bustling Old Town, and you really will feel like you’ve stepped into a fairytale. And if you want to explore the more scenic and magical side of Prague, you’re in luck. This fabled city is absolutely bursting with iconic locations that seem straight out of a storybook. Just leave your bags behind at a Prague luggage storage facility and check out some of these fantastic locations that will make you feel like you’ve entered another world.

Old Town Square

There’s nowhere better to begin your exploration of Prague than in Old Town Square. After all, this has been the heart of the city for centuries, and the huge square is surrounded by some of the most beautiful architecture this fairytale city has to offer.

The sharp spires of the church of the Mother of God before Tyn look like the kind of place where wicked queens stare into magic mirrors, or princesses sigh as they long for rescue by a handsome prince. Meanwhile, Prague’s Old Town Hall, which dates back to the middle of the 14th century, is one of the most visited buildings in the city and offers a tower you can climb to get an even better view of the square from up above.

On the wall of the Old Town Hall, you’ll find Prague’s famous astronomical clock, a beautiful and elaborate structure that also dates back to the 14th century and features moving knights and other figures which couldn’t look more like they’re from a fairytale if they tried.

The Old Town Square is also surrounded by cafés and restaurants, so you can easily get some refreshments and enjoy the atmosphere. Yes, you’ll pay a little more here than in other areas of the city, but it may be worth it to spend a little more time living inside this fairytale.

The square is a fantastic place to go no matter when you visit, but at night it’s especially romantic, with the ancient buildings lit up and the smell of traditional Czech pastries hanging in the air.

Prague Castle

Every good fairytale needs a castle, and Prague won’t let you down there. Dating back all the way to 880, Prague Castle has grown enormously over the centuries to become the biggest castle complex in the world, covering an astonishing 70,000 m².

This huge castle and its associated buildings could easily occupy an entire day in the city. The castle itself still functions as the center of the Czech government, but you can visit the halls of the Old Royal Palace to see how the nobility lived. And don’t miss a stroll down the Golden Lane, its ancient colorful houses offering one of the most photogenic neighborhoods in this famously beautiful city.

Finally, the Gothic magnificence of St Vitus Cathedral is also part of the castle complex. Explore the stunning interior of this medieval masterpiece, then climb the many steps to the tower for an unforgettable view of central Prague.

Charles Bridge

One of the most iconic locations in the city, this ancient bridge spans the Vltava River, connecting the castle to the city. Built in the 14th century, the bridge is decorated with several statues, many of which have local myths and legends attached to them, and you’ll still see tourists rubbing the statues for luck on their trip. Popular with street performers, the bridge makes an atmospheric approach to the castle and is a great place to take a stroll on a sunny day.


Built back in the 10th century, this impressive fortress is not as large as Prague Castle, but it’s every bit as scenic. Rising above the river, what was once a fortress is now a public park full of ancient buildings like the Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul and St. Martin’s Rotunda. Plus, for extra folklore vibes, check out the Devil’s Column, a cluster of three stone columns reportedly brought to Prague from Rome by the devil as part of a bet. Steeped in myths and legends, this park is a great place to lose yourself in the long story of this famous city.

Prague is a fairytale

The medieval spires and colorful old houses of this beautiful town can’t fail to make you feel like you’re walking through a storybook. Leave your bags behind and take a wander through Prague’s Old Town, and you’ll feel like the next corner might bring you into contact with a witch, a princess, a knight, or a dragon. It’s just that kind of place.