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What Cities Have the Best Nightlife?

Some of us want to travel and just enjoy the culture in quiet contemplation, while others have the need for speed and excitement. Here are some of the top cities we have been to that definitely kick it to another level. There many places in the world that are well known for parties, or events that revolve around parties (think spring break in the USA), but not all are created equal. One of the best suggestions we can make is if you are going to head to any city for a wild night of drinking and dancing, that you do your research first. Some cities are amazing, but you have to be a little bit in the know on where to go and how to get into the best places. But hey, you are a tourist, right? Make new friends with locals, be friendly, and you are on your way.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the biggest cities in the world, and you can find pretty much anything you want here. The drinking hours are until 2 am, which is, unfortunately, a state law so you will be kicked out then, so if you make friends, you can find the after parties, which are a big thing In LA. Also at 2 am, there is a rush hour for food, and a whole gourmet food truck industry has appeared to handle it. You need to plan well though, and if you are a guy or guys? You are not into getting into any clubs unless you have a few girls with you. You can sometimes play the visitor card, but better advice is to stay in a large hotel that has a club scene, then you are pretty much guaranteed to get in. Private parties and raves though are the best in L.A., it’s just finding people in the know.

Las Vegas

The city that never sleeps is definitely Las Vegas. New York made a pass at that title, but, Vegas took it years ago. If you go into any of the casinos in Vegas, you won’t even find a clock, as they don’t want you to know what time it is. Interestingly enough, about 20 years ago, you would not have even found a dance club in Vegas, and the nightlife was casino based, and that was it. Now, there are some of the most cutting-edge clubs anywhere. Studio 54 even had an opening there, however, in no way is it the same as the original. That one is just a legend and can never be repeated.


Madrid is known for some of the best nightlife in all of Europe. There are many different areas, each with its own feel and taste. You can find everything from quiet parties, to just all out insanity. Most people we have talked to when we ask where the best nightlife is, will almost always have Madrid in their top 3 list.


This is just known as a party town for tourists all across Europe. Everyone thinks they can go wild and let their hair down in Ibiza, so imagination becomes reality. Ibiza is all about the parties and the clubs. Your best bet is just to follow the crowds when you first go, but there are really clubs and parties for all tastes. A fairly recent addition that is a must do are the boat parties. Prepare to spend when you go to Ibiza, it’s expensive, but it’s also insane. It’s hard to understand until you experience it.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is one of the other contenders for a party town that never sleeps. Unlike Los Angeles where the clubs are closing at 2 am, some of the clubs in Buenos Aires don’t even open the doors until 2 am. Dinner after midnight is normal; a party to 7 am is not unheard of. However, unlike some places, they don’t get falling down drunk, so it’s nice to keep it all moving all night and just enjoy yourself. Not having to deal with drunken fools that can barely stand at the end of the night is always a plus


Bangkok is just an unusual place; it is about as far into the exotic as you can go. You do have to be careful as a tourist as you are looked at as a walking wallet The people are very friendly as long as you treat them with respect. If you want to see a disaster in the making, watch a drunken tourist pick on a local, every local in the area will join in against the tourist. Having said that, it’s still a great party town. You can take a short plane ride to Ko Pha-ngan and see the full moon party. It’s a massive party of tourists that cover the beach and lets go once a month. It’s one of the most amazing things to see, as we have never seen so many drunken people on a beach in one place in our lives.

New Orleans

New Orleans is also a great party town, and of course, there are all the Mardi Gras stories. However we would not suggest going to Mardi Gras, as it is great in the legend but short in the reality. The music scene in New Orleans is unstoppable though. Hang out at a jazz club until past 2 am and suddenly you will see real jazz after most of the tourists have gone home. It just starts to get warmed up at 4 am. It is a bucket list experience.

Life is short, and if you want to burn the candle at both ends, and experience it as much as you can, then these are some of the cities to do it in. Assuming you remember everything you did the day after. There are of course others, Berlin, Amsterdam, Prague, but, you have to start somewhere and these are our picks.