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Planning for the Perfect European Road Trip

There are many trips that you can take that provide great times and lovely views. To experience most of them you have to take a flight or long ride to get to the place where your adventure will begin. The unique thing about a road trip is that the traveling is where you can have great times and have life changing experiences.  You can take a road trip anywhere with a little planning and if you live in Europe there are some designated roads that have a great history for creating memorable times. To experience them you also need to make sure that you and your automobile are prepared for the ride. Here are some tips to get you and your auto prepared to take a wonderful road trip.

Your Automobile

One key component of making sure you have an ideal European road trip is to make sure that your automobile is in perfect working condition. Many road trips have been cut short or interrupted because the car was not checked out and serviced just before, so to make sure you don’t fit into the category, you need to do some routine maintenance on your vehicle before you leave.

You should get a complete maintenance with specific areas of focus being your car battery, all of the fluids in your vehicle and the bulbs for all of the key lights in your auto. Each of these areas is critical for your vehicle’s smooth operation and your safety.

Perhaps the most important area of focus is your vehicle’s tyres. The tyres form the only contact that a vehicle has with the road and as a result they control the speed, stability and safety of an automobile to a large degree. We often take our tyres for granted because they run so long without any maintenance. However if they are not serviced, inflated properly or replaced when needed, they can cause a danger to anyone in the automobile and others on the road. You should have your car tyres check for tread wear and proper inflation before you take your road trip. In the event the wear on the tyres is below what is recommended by the manufacturer, you should purchase new car tyres. This will cost you some money, but it is a small price to pay to avoid an accident where you or someone else can be seriously injured during your road trip.

A total car maintenance is the smartest thing you can do to prepare your vehicle for the road.

The Drive

There are so many amazing drives to take throughout Europe. You can choose a different type of road, with different elevations, topography, weather and speed. You can choose the drive that fits your mood best or plan to take several over a period of time. Here are some of the best drives for you to consider.

Trollstigen, Norway

With a steep 10-degree incline and 11 hair-raising hairpin bends, the ‘Troll’s Path’, as it’s translated to in English, is one of Europe’s most winding roads. The famous National Tourist Route leads you through the spectacular Norwegian fjords and across one of the world’s most stomach-churning bridges. The Trollstigen route is a one-lane road which has been carved from the lofty mountains and supported by stone walls so beware of tumbling rocks and treacherous terrain. However despite the dangers, Trollstigen offers some of the most unforgettable sights and now attracts more than 2,000 cars every summer.

Best vehicle for the job: The road’s tough terrain favors a smaller car with a four-wheel drive system will be great for gripping those winding roads.

Best time to travel the road: Head here in summer as the route is closed through late autumn and all of winter.

Ring of Kerry, Ireland

Circling Ireland’s picturesque Iveragh peninsula, the Ring of Kerry offers quintessential Irish scenery and an unforgettable journey through some of the world’s most impressive landscapes. You’ll transition from forest to leafy upland before swapping dry land for beach scenes and fishing harbours, with a view of the Macgillycuddy’s Reeks mountain range as a backdrop. Those who have driven the route before and soaked in all the Irish scenery has to offer recommend commencing your journey in Killarney and taking the N72 to Killorglin. From there you can join the N70 round the pretty peninsula to Kenmare before returning to Killarney via the N71. This one really is worth going round in circles for.

Best vehicle for the job: With many one lane, narrow roads a smaller car will allow you to navigate the stunning curves with ease.

Best time to travel the road: Navigate the Ring of Kerry in summer for the most spectacular views or out of season if you want to avoid tourist traffic.

Your Mindset

Having the right mindset when you do a road trip can make all the difference. Although some roads are made for fast drives and can really put your driving to the test, you should focus on the sights, sounds and experience of the drive. Enjoy being out in nature and able to see and experience things in the unique way that only a road trip can offer.

Get yourself ready for a wonderful drive and don’t forget to bring your camera. You will see beautiful sights and also have the chance to stop where you like. Do a bed and breakfast or a small town local restaurant. Make memories and take your time. These are the benefits of a European road trip. #RoadtripsOfEurope