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The Best Spring Destinations Around the World

Though the world can be a thriving, vibrant collection of exotic events, tastes, and beautiful scenery, it sure can be a cold place to live sometimes. In light of this universal truth, people often find themselves on a quest to shake off the old cabin fever and get out of dodge to the warmest, most exciting, and most diverse locales that our hearts can hold.

Although the winter has its own charms – check out these amazing holiday festivals if you’re not convinced – spring is the right time for those looking for warm weather. To help you narrow your search down and find the perfect spot, here is a list of some of the best spring destinations around the world.


For those more inclined toward the life of luxury, basking in the warm European weather of Monaco could not be more perfect during the spring thanks to the ever-exciting Grand Prix (May 23-26).

The combination of immense energy from the roaring F1 race cars lapping around the country with the aura of the world-famous Monte Carlo Casino, which you might have seen in a James Bond movie or two, will certainly ensure a memorable trip that is anything but dull. If Monaco’s price tags are too steep to entertain, nearby Nice, France is nice: It offers spectacularly beach life and excellent cuisine. 

Rio de Janeiro

If luxury isn’t your thing and you’re looking for a more tropical cultural experience that is rich with sunshine, sweet caipirinha drinks, and bossa nova guitar serenading your poolside view, then Rio could just be the place for you.

With an average temperature between 73 and 81 degrees F in the Spring, you really can’t go wrong as long as you go after the rainy season ends in March (not to mention that the Portuguese language is a beautiful escape from the ordinary).

Bora Bora

Some people’s lives are simply too chaotic to endure F1 race cars and foreign language barriers (how do you even pronounce caipirinha?), so for those who need to just get as far away from people as possible for a week or two and decompress amongst roaring cliffs and beaches, there is no more beautiful, remote, and romantic setting than the islands of French Polynesia… where, yes, everyone does speak English despite French and Tahitian being the official languages. Most hotels are hot tub bungalow on the water and come with a personal massage to match. 


In many ways, there is no better approach to shaking off the cold than to physically immerse oneself in the ocean, and to explore an island by scooter. For a surprisingly affordable, more active approach to spring travel, Bali is a beautifully popular destination with average temperatures between 70-90 degrees F.

Although slightly hotter than Europe, it’s just as Instagramable thanks to its many magnificent wood carvings and artfully presented health foods. “Boho Chic” is the name of game in Bali.

Whether you want a vacation away from the cold, or you simply want to see the world, these stunning spring spots will not disappoint.