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A Nomad’s Lifestyle-Finding a Balance

In the digital age, it has become possible to lead a nomadic lifestyle. People can find all kinds of jobs online such as a blogger, content writer, designer or Youtuber. The online world has made it possible to build a lifestyle which is not depended on one specific location and has one of the jobs mentioned can be done remotely.

This allows more freedom when it comes to choosing a lifestyle of your preference, working as your boss and not having to answer to anybody but yourself. Living the life of a digital nomad can be an exciting type of lifestyle, however, it does come with its challenges and obstacles to overcome. Not being dependent on a specific location and being away from friends will force a person to develop their self-esteem and learn to rely on their intuition. A nomad’s lifestyle changes each day, traveling from place to place, visiting new locations and meeting new people. A digital nomad reaches a point where change means comfort and unexpected events are embraced.

Where do they Sleep?

When it comes to travel destinations, urban locations are preferable to digital nomads. Their work relies on staying connected and having access to information. Therefore, traveling to places where a simple WiFi connection is not available can prove to be a major downside. Their working schedule is flexible and they can adapt to other routines, depending on the client’s needs and schedule. This is possible because digital nomads take slow travel approach to their lifestyle, meaning that they will spend at least a few months in a location before traveling to another place. By doing this, it allows them to maintain a healthier work-life balance by having the time to adopt a routine for completing a project.

Having internet access is necessary when working remotely. This allows staying in touch with friends and also keeping clients up to date regarding a project while on the road. Working on a public WiFi is risky business, especially if the laptop used for work also contains personal information. There is a way to keep a nomad’s digital life and work private and secure. For example, using a virtual private network, or VPN is a great way to remain anonymous on a public network.

When staying in a location, there are many options for a nomad. Hotels are the first that come to mind, being able to easy your lifestyle by having additional services done by the hotel staff. Another option would be staying at an Airbnb, which usually come in a style that reflects the local area, giving you a sense of what the place is all about. Staying at an Airbnb means not being bothered by service staff, which is a great plus, giving the feeling like you own the place.

A Nomad’s Entertainment

While being able to work remotely and at any time, one must also be able to unplug from time to time, to be able to enjoy spending time in a particular area. The benefit of being a digital nomad is that by visiting different areas, one can simply experience what these new locations have to offer, taking pictures and also learning different cultures and customs. The internet is the nomad’s best friend and besides using it for work, one can also access a variety of online experiences to participate in with friends.

Digital nomads travel alone and must rely on their instincts, however, choosing to work in co-working spaces makes it easy to meet and interact with new people who share the same job type and interests. Online gaming is another method to interact with people, especially with distant friends. Questing together with distant friends in an MMORPG or taking part in some free online casino games can be a great way to spend some time off-work and maintain a healthy work-life schedule. Since social casino games have become a trend, many travelers and digital nomads enjoy this new type of gaming, such as the game Sizzling Hot, especially because of the ease of how it can be accessed.

Is the Life of a Digital Nomad Fit for Everybody?

A digital nomad means sometimes having a chaotic and hard to maintain a routine. By being constantly on the road, circumstances can change dramatically and very quickly. At times it can get a bit frustrating finding the right time and environment to perform the work needed, because of the many different obstacles that traveling can present such as finding your way through new environments and communication barriers that a new location may present. However, in the right environment, working may be less stressful compared to when being in an office space. Besides that, one can experience many parts of the world, each day bringing new and interesting events to take part in. 

To answer the question, no, not really. The life of a digital nomad will force people to step out of their comfort zone and, unfortunately, not many are willing to give up a more comfortable and well-organized lifestyle.