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5 Ways To Make a Corporate Event Unique


Are you in charge of planning a corporate event? If so, you’re probably looking for ways to make the occasion unique, entertaining and memorable. You want your team members to have so much fun that they can’t wait for the next event. From booking appointments for the best San Diego whale watching to scheduling a fun segue experience, here are some fun and quirky corporate event ideas.

1. Go Horseback Riding

Do you have an adventurous, active team? Whet their appetite for exploration by scheduling a horseback riding outing. It’s the last thing they’ll expect, and it’s a lot of fun. Make sure you book with a reputable company that follows proper safety procedures.

2. Go Sailing

Sailing is a great activity for large groups. It’s a great way to keep everyone together and encourage interaction. If you’re looking for ways to build morale, sailing is one of the best company outing ideas San Diego has to offer. Depending on who you book with, you may also be able to schedule catering and private dining. Your employees will appreciate being treated so well.

3. Spend an Afternoon Whale Watching

If your team hasn’t been whale watching before, it’s time to schedule a trip. Watching whales is one of the most incredible things you can do in San Diego. When you book your excursion with an experienced whale watching San Diego company, you’re bound to have an unforgettable experience.

Whale watching is a great corporate activity because it doesn’t require you to be active. So if your team is full of people with varying fitness levels, they will all be able to enjoy this event. Remember to book your sailing tour early or you  might miss out.

4. Have a Murder Mystery Night

You know those crazy murder mystery games where people arrive dressed in costume and talking in accents? Well, it turns out they are way more fun than you think. You’ll need to purchase at least one murder mystery game, depending on how large your team is. There are also some game ideas you can download for free online.

Once you have a game, assign characters to each person on your team. Make sure you have a meal and/or appetizers that fit well with the game’s theme. Choose a location that offers the right setting, then get ready to have a night full of laughter, impromptu acting and fun.

5. Go To an Escape Room

Escape rooms are becoming more popular, and it’s easier to find them around town. You can even create your own escape room if you don’t want to book one. The premise behind escape rooms is to lock people inside until the solve the clues and puzzles that allow them to escape. It’s a great way to foster team cooperation and friendships.

Whether you decide to book the best San Diego whale watching or have a murder mystery night, the key to a good corporate event is preparation. Plan everything, down to the little details, in advance. That way you’ll have minimal stress and will be able to pull off a memorable event when the big day arrives.