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Your Holiday Guide to Choosing the Best Disney Vacation Club Resorts

2470bf49f067abfe55f8db01beee9f4fThere are more than 25 hotel resorts in Disney alone with hundreds of others surrounding the amusement arena. However, did you know that only some of them are included in the Disney Vacation Club?

If you want to make your trip to Disney extra special then looking at club resorts can help.

Read on to discover how Disney Vacation Club Resorts help you create the trip of your dreams.

What are Disney Vacation Club Resorts?

Disney Vacation Club rentals are similar to timeshares, which help you to reap the benefits of staying in the park without spending too much money on accommodations.

It works by allotting certain times of the year where you can schedule your vacation. The membership is perfect for people who visit Disney throughout the year and want to plan out their vacation slots.

Also, unlike other timeshares Disney’s allows you to switch your stays to other DVC resorts to experience different room designs and hotels.

Types of Resorts

Another great perk for your family holiday is that you can choose a resort plan on any type of budget. Disney has several accommodation levels including:

  • Value
  • Value Plus
  • Moderate
  • Deluxe
  • Villa Resorts

These resort accommodations range from one bedroom/one bathroom standard rooms to single unit spaces with full kitchens and even personal outdoor space.

Choosing a Home Resort

Picking the right resort for your Disney vacation takes some consideration.

Firstly, think about the space that you will need for your family. How many beds do you need? Do you prefer private rooms for each family member or do common quarters work?

Secondly, see how far the resort is from your favorite park and how accessible it is using the available Disney transportation.

Thirdly, you may spend a lot of time at the resort if you are staying a week or more. Does the resort have activities that your family enjoys?

Lastly, your budget will determine where you stay, how long you stay, and how much spending money you have during your stay. It also may depend on how many points you have available, which will be discussed next.

Buying Vacation Points

Reserving your Disney holiday differs from just booking a regular hotel room. You will need to check the DVC annual dues, depending on the number of shares you own to see how many points you need to buy for your vacation.

Point packages range from 100-124, 125-149, 150-174, 175-199, 200-224, or 225-250. You can spread these points throughout the year or borrow points from an upcoming year.

The great part about the point system is that their value stays the same as the time of purchase even if the hotel rates go up.

Getting the Most Out of Your Vacation

No matter which of the Disney Vacation Club resorts you choose, remember that you are always treated as a premier guest. You will get perks like free parking, early entry to parks, and pre-dining reservations.

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