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9 Things To Do in Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is one of the most visited islands in the Cyclades. It is located on the south-eastern side of mainland Greece, on the Aegean Sea. Tourists visit the island for various reasons such as partying, revisiting Greek history, seeking adventures, or simply to relax. There are so many things to do in Mykonos and below are a few things to get you started.

#1 Grab lunch at Little Venice

Little Venice is the perfect place for a romantic lunch. It is situated just by Aegean Sea coast where old white and blue charming houses mark the beginning of land. The view from Little Venice leaves diners in awe as they enjoy fine Greek cuisine.

#2 Visit Delos Island

According to Greek mythology, this is the sacred island where the Greek god, Apollo, and goddess, Artemis, were born. The island is open to the public to appreciate the still-standing Greek structures

#3 Take Sunset Pictures at the Windmills

Located in Chora, the main town in Mykonos, the windmills can be identifiable from afar on other islands and out at sea. These mighty locally-made structures were made for processing farm yields have since become an iconic landmark and a great place for pictures.

#4 Lodge at a Beachfront Hotel

Live like a king in Mykonos by choosing a beachfront accommodation. The Adorno Suites Ornos beach hotel is full of luxury with impressive five-star services. Relax and enjoy as you are surely going to be pampered from the moment you arrive to Mykonos until you leave.

#5 Visit Panagia Paraportiani

Much like most of the structures on all Greek islands, this holy church is painted in white. It is one of the most visited and documented churches on the island. Surrounded by four other churches, it is considered to be the church of Virgin Mary.

#6 Party Hard the Mykonos Way

Some celebrities and tourists flock in during summer just to party in Mykonos. Often called Party Island, Mykonos has some of the best indoor, outdoor, and cruise parties with skilled DJs. For starters, visit Tropicana and Paradise, two of the most popular bar/clubs on the island.

#7 Relax at the Beaches

Mykonos has about 25 beaches scattered around. Most of them are sandy beaches while others are pebbled. But all of them offer breath-taking relaxation spots for anyone looking to take things slowly by the Aegean blue sea waters.

#8 Go on a Water Adventure

Get your adrenalin pumping by embarking on one of many water adventures such as sailing to nearby islands, scuba diving, snorkeling, kite surfing and other amazing water sports.

#9 Go Wine Tasting at Mykonos Vioma

Mykonos Vioma is the only winery on the island. It offers unique variety of locally-made Greek wines. Visitors can join an exclusive tour of the facilities to learn how the wines are made. It is an unforgettable experience.


There is something for everyone in Mykonos regardless of age, budget, adventure seeking level, traveling solo, or as a couple. All you have to do is visit the guides on City Trip Planner to get you started.