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Top 10 Things to Do in Lake Worth, FL


Going to the beach is one of things to do in Lake Worth

Probably one of the most important criteria for choosing a place of living, besides the variety of job opportunities and the quality of education, is the possibility of getting engaged in different activities the place has to offer. If you are looking for an abundance of cultural events, including parades and festivals, and places to do your favorite sports and hobbies, then you should consider moving to Lake Worth. There are so many things to do in Lake Worth, FL that it was difficult to decide which 10 ones will make the cut. But the list is in front of you, so you’ll hopefully find something of your interest. 

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#10 Visit Lake Osborne

We are starting off with Lake Osborne which is the paradise for those enthusiastic about going fishing, as well as for those craving to get away from their hectic everyday life. This lake is rich with many kinds of fish, among which largemouth bass, bluegill and redear sunfish are the most popular species. And even though you’re welcome anytime during the year, we suggest you choose spring time if you want to come here to do some fishing. 


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But the fun doesn’t end here. You can also rent a boat and take a ride. Or you can take participation in sports such as tennis, softball, volleyball, etc. Moreover, your children will enjoy it here, since there’s a huge play area for them. 

#9 Check out Museum of Polo and Hall of Fame

Have you always been an enthusiastic about polo? You even played it? Great, then head to the world’s only museum that is dedicated to this sport. Here you can learn a lot about the history of polo in America. Also, you can check out the Hall of Fame. You’ll find the most famous names in the history of this sport who played on American soil, as well as their famous horses. It is truly a unique museum worth visiting even if you’re not the biggest fan of the sport. Trust us, there’s nothing alike it. 

#8 Lake Worth Street Painting Festival

At the first mention of this festival, you can guess that you can expect a lot of fun. It is a festival that people in Lake Worth have been enjoying for 25 years. The location is downtown, fun guaranteed, music support – checked, delicious food provided, so take colourful chalks in your hand, and join the thousands of young artists. There’s no excuse. Besides, it’s free of charge, so that’s a great way to save some money for your next adventure. 


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#7 Do yoga on the beach

Doing yoga is an amazing thing by itself. But how about a little twist? Have you ever considered going out from the house or the gym and do yoga elsewhere? How does the beach sound like? Well, doing yoga on the beach is one of the things to do in Lake Worth. You will be joined by other yoga lovers. If you’re new in town, this is truly a great way to meet new people, learn more about yoga, and learn some new techniques, why not? Once you try it, exercising yoga will never be the same. 

#6 Bike tour

One of the best ways to get to know the town and the whole area is by taking a bike tour. You can easily take a map of biking trails, and make your own plan what to visit first. And while you’re doing it, use the chance to record some great video footage of the beautiful surrounding. The best part of this adventure is that you dictate for how long and when will you be going bike sightseeing. And again, you can go alone, or in company. Just choose to go during a nice weather.

#5 Parks and Gardens Tour

If you prefer walking than riding a bike, then you’ll enjoy a tour around the most beautiful parks and gardens in this area. Enjoying in a serene, beautiful environment is one more thing on “things to do in Lake Worth” list. You’ll be amazed by the natural beauty and botanical gardenscapes. Just to mention a few of these, pay a visit to Mounts Botanical Garden, which is very close to Lake Worth; John Prince Memorial Park, where you can also go fishing, canoeing, enjoy picnic, and much more. 

#4 Beach relax

Being one of the coastal cities, we are sure that you won’t miss going to the beach whenever you can. And that’s precisely one of the best things to do in Lake Worth – enjoying your free time by the sea. Swimming, sunbathing, playing a sport, or just laying down watching the sunset, it’s up to you.

#3 Explore art and architecture

Soon you’ll realize that Lake Worth has a very specific architecture. Also, the art scene is blooming. All the reasons why you should take some time to get to know the town from different angle. There are so many museums you can visit, and each serves different flavors of art. When it comes to architecture, you can explore it every time you hit the down. If you look closely, you can really notice details embellishing facades.


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#2 Hit Downtown

The core every town is downtown, so we’re sure that you’ll absolutely enjoy this vibrant and artistic city center. It sends bohemian vibes and it is so colourful that you won’t know where to look at first. So, take a stroll down Lake Avenue and Lucerne Avenue and check out the shops, art galleries, and take your family to a nice dinner in one of numerous restaurants in this area. And remember Street Painting Festival? It is right here, in downtown.

#1 Up for live theatre? 

If your answer is yes, then head to Lake Worth Playhouse which hosts a variety of programs every evening. So, you can spend quality time watching award-winning dramas and musicals. But you’ll also get to see premiering plays. There’s also a program for your children, and if you’re a fan of foreign cinematography, you can get those too in the Stonzek Theatre. 

As we mentioned, the list of things to do in Lake Worth doesn’t end here. The area is so rich in its offer. But if any of these reasons has drawn your attention and made you wish move here, then we suggest you contact Moving Kings Van Lines FL, as one of the most experienced moving companies with excellent services. With the help of skilled moving crew, your relocation to Lake Worth, FL, will be a piece of cake.