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Is Switching to Solar Power Worth It? Yes!

In recent years, many American homeowners have considered living more green lifestyles. Perhaps the most common way of making that transition is through solar panel installation.

Since 2010, the prices of solar panels have steadily declined. As this occurs, it seems that solar panels’ efficiency consistently increases. For those considering a solar power purchase, there’s never been a better time.

However, many people remain on the fence. The question on their minds is straightforward: Are solar panels worth it?

The short answer is yes. Solar panels offer several benefits to homeowners, and we’ll examine those benefits in greater depth below.

The Cost of Solar Power Systems

To determine if solar panels are worthwhile, we must first examine their cost. Typically, solar panel installation costs between $15,000 and $25,000. Various factors affect the efficiency of your solar panel system.

For instance, if you live in an area that frequently experiences overcast weather, a solar panel system won’t prove very effective. If you live in an environment that doesn’t provide much solar power for your system, you can’t expect to offset your electric costs.

However, these conditions are far from normative. For most people, solar panels provide benefits that make them wise investments.

Cut Down Your Electric Bill

If your system absorbs enough solar energy, it can significantly reduce your electric bills. On average, most home solar systems produce somewhere between 350 and 850-kilowatt hours in a month. The average home uses nearly 909 kilowatts of energy per month.

As such, an effective solar unit could cut nearly 90% of your electricity bill. Some households even eliminate their electricity bill.

If you have had your solar system for 15-20 years, these electric savings can pay off your solar panels entirely. You can learn more about this from Blue Raven Solar.

Help the Environment

There are many differences between a solar company and an electric company. One of the primary distinctions between them is their effects on the world environment. Standard electric power comes from coal-driven energy products.

Solar, however, uses a much more sustainable resource: the sun. As such, when you decide to install solar panels, you’re reducing the need for harmful resources.

What practical effect does that have? When an area sees an upturn in solar panel installations, it reduces the pollutants in electricity. As such, it helps provide cleaner air.

Cleaner area results in increased quality of health. Some government agencies estimate that solar energy on a large scale could save thousands of lives because of this improved air.

Increase Your Home Value

Many people love the idea of using solar panels; not as many want to pay to install them. However, house shoppers are often willing to spend more money on a house that already has solar panels.

When you install solar panels, you’re making an investment that increases your home value. So, when the time comes to sell your house, you can come away with a much higher value than you otherwise would.

Hire a Solar Contractor Today!

Solar power provides many benefits for homeowners, as you can see. All that’s left is to decide if you can reap those benefits. If so, call the nearest solar contractor today!

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