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Introducing the Talon Swivel Chair. The Ultimate Combination of Comfort and Portability for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Outdoor enthusiasts rejoice! Talon Swivel Chair has launched its Kickstarter campaign to introduce the world to its revolutionary premium ergonomic 360-degree chair. Designed with a focus on comfort, usability, and portability, the Talon Swivel Chair is set to transform the way people experience outdoor activities.

A New Era in Outdoor Seating

Finding the perfect outdoor chair that offers both comfort and portability can be a daunting task. Many chairs on the market sacrifice comfort for portability, leaving users with an unsatisfactory sitting experience. But the Talon Swivel Chair aims to change that narrative by providing a spacious and comfortable seating solution without compromising on ease of use and portability.

Unmatched Comfort and Portability

At Talon, we understand that comfort is paramount when it comes to outdoor seating. That’s why the Talon Swivel Chair offers a wide and spacious design that can accommodate individuals of all body types and heights. Additionally, it can be easily folded into a size smaller than a sleeping bag, ensuring hassle-free transportation and storage.

Setting Up Made Effortless

Setting up the Talon Swivel Chair is a breeze. Its foldable frame integrates the body, skin, and frame of the chair into one, allowing for easy installation and dismantling. Users of all ages and physical abilities can effortlessly set up and set off the chair, making it accessible to everyone.

360-Degree Rotation for Ultimate Convenience

What sets the Talon Swivel Chair apart from other outdoor chairs is its patented 360-degree rotation functionality. With a simple turn, users can effortlessly change their viewing angle or access different items without leaving their seat. The chair’s rotating module, made from durable aluminum die-cast parts, ensures smooth rotation and stability, making it perfect for activities like hunting or wildlife photography.

Safety and Stability at Its Core

Safety and stability are also a top priority for the Talon Swivel Chair. Its integrated frame and bigfoot design prevent it from sinking into rough or mushy ground, providing a stable and grounded sitting experience. The distance between the frames has been meticulously calculated to minimize the risk of falling, ensuring secure balance even on uneven terrain.

Highly Functional Materials for Enhanced Performance

Not only does the Talon Swivel Chair prioritize comfort and stability, but it also offers highly functional materials for enhanced performance. Nylon materials provide durability and water-repellent properties, while the mesh backrest promotes better air permeability. The seat is ergonomically designed to fit the user’s body, ensuring maximum comfort during extended periods of sitting. The chair also features side organizers, allowing users to conveniently store beverages, smartphones, or magazines within arm’s reach.

Versatility and Customization with the Long Type

The Talon Swivel Chair is available in two versions: the Standard type and the Long type. The Long type is eight inches taller than the Standard type, providing optimal sitting posture and additional support with an embedded pillow in the headrest.

Durability Tested, Weight Capacity Guaranteed

As a testament to its durability and reliability, the Talon Swivel Chair has undergone rigorous product testing and can withstand heavy weights. The recommended weight limit extends up to 330 lbs for the Standard type and 270 lbs for the Long type, with a bearing capacity of up to 588 lbs and 621 lbs, respectively.


To bring the Talon Swivel Chair to outdoor enthusiasts worldwide, Talon has launched a Kickstarter campaign. Backers can support the project and enjoy exclusive rewards and add-ons. The Talon Swivel Chair is set to revolutionize outdoor seating and provide users with unparalleled comfort, usability, and portability. Support the campaign and be one of the first to experience this creative campaign chair.